SMOK has been in the industry for many years delivering some of the best quality and renowned mods to the market and this time, it is proud to offer SMOK GX 350, which is gaining popularity due to its 4 battery configuration, extreme versatility, and incomparable design high wattage output. If you like to know more about SMOK GX 350, read below.

Available in four various color options, all of these have a zinc alloy construction. SMOK GX 350 provides an incomparable vaping experience. It features an ergonomic design, innovative firing button, compact design, and classy carbon fiber inlay. It has also a massive OLED display screen, a latched bottom compartment for batteries, and a USB port for firmware upgrades in the future. This kit may be powered by 2 or 4 18650 batteries that you need to buy separately from the kit. Once powered by 2 batteries, it may reach 220W of power while with 4 batteries, you can boost it to 350W of power.

smok gx350
Just like majority of mods in the market today, SMOK GX 350 also offers temperature control options, which enable you to range from 200 to 600 degrees. Some renowned features of SMOK GX 350 includes short-circuit protection, puff monitoring system, low battery warning, overheating protection, and twelve second cut off.

SMOK GX 350 has an elegant, ergonomic design with contours that makes this perfect. Its solid and compact nature makes this unparalleled. No mod device looks much better compared to SMOK GX 350. It also has a variable wattage that starts from 6W-350W. This exceptional range of power output provides users an excellent vaping experience without resistance that is frequently encountered with the premade coil head.
smok gx350
The device’s temperature control is extremely accurate. Some temperature features include temperature sensor and temperature limiting options. This allows the user to customize the vapor’s temperature, permitting cooler or warmer clouds of vapor, depending on your personal preferences. If the temperature control is your main consideration when purchasing vape mods, SMOK GX 350 will offer you better experience without scorching and dry hits. Its TFV8 tank perfectly fits the device and this is a much better option compared to TFV4 tank.

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How do you find SMOK GX350 starter kit?

It is interesting that Smoktech makes an automotive reference on their website to the GX350 starter kit because if this were an automobile, it would be a new Ford GT, with its sexy design and raw (horse) power.

Smok GX350 350W TC starter Kit
Smok GX350 350W TC starter Kit

The GX350 boasts up to 350W of power using four 18650 batteries or optionally up to 220W with just two 18650 batteries installed. All of this class-leading vaping power is housed in a sleek “tridimensional polygon design” reminiscent of the Reuleaux RX200 series of mods, and with its rounded edges looks like it will be a pleasure to hold in your hand. The difference here is the fourth battery and the extra wattage.

If you are a Smoktech fan, you may have already noticed they have incorporated some design features from their H-Priv mod into the GX350, such as the “triangular firing key” (you basically squeeze the mod to fire) and the top-mounted adjustment buttons and OLED. The OLED provides all the expected information including wattage setting, resistance, voltage, battery life and more. No word yet on whether it will be customizable.

As mentioned earlier, the shape of the GX350 strongly resembles the Wismec Reuleaux RX200 but in a smaller package, yet peeking under the hood we find a quad-battery-powered engine that provides a blistering 350W compared to the more pedestrian 200W output of the RX200. To be fair, Wismec has recently announced their own version of a quad-battery mod (RX300) that will output 300W but pictures reveal a more boxy, and seemingly less ergonomic form factor. It remains to be seen which is embraced by the consumer and, of course, ultimately you will decide.

Regardless, it appears that the start flag has dropped on the race to vaping horsepower supremacy. Buckle up – ’cause it looks like it’s going to be a wild ride.