OBS Land Vape Pod System Kit Review

Today we look at a simple, but rather stylish Pod-format device called Land by OBS .

Recently, the vaping market does not differ in a special variety of new products. And although the devices appear regularly enough, the lion’s share of them still falls on the so-called “pods”, which are actively replacing the more functional and classic vape devices. In today’s case, the well-known Chinese manufacturer OBS  will also not please users with something new, but we will nevertheless tell about its next development later in the text.

Land Pod , as already noted, is characterized by very unconventional body shapes and is available in five colors, with colorful side panels in some cases. The dimensions of the device can be called quite moderate, and its height is 73mm, and the width and thickness are 32mm and 24mm, respectively.

“Under” received a physical Fire button, which is responsible for turning on / off the device, and, logically, for steam production. The battery pack boasts a 750mAh battery, but at least a minimum power adjustment is not provided here. But the manufacturer for some reason added the possibility of updating the firmware here. Apparently, later Land Pod  may well acquire more extensive functionality.

On one of the sides of the novelty it will be possible to find an interesting constructive solution – a slider hiding the cartridge inside the case. This chip is especially useful for preventing dust and dirt from getting into parts that are in direct contact with the oral cavity.

The system for installing a cartridge in Land Pod  does not differ in particular innovations, but has a familiar magnetic connection. The simplest silicone plug on the side will be responsible for the refueling, and the maximum volume will be very modest 1.5 ml of liquid. As for the diversity in terms of evaporators, the device will work only on one type of built-in coils with a resistance of 1.4Ω.

Features of  OBS Land Pod :

  • Dimensions: 73mm * 32mm * 24mm
  • Weight: 77g
  • Power: 7-10W
  • Voltage: 3.3-4.2V
  • Resistance: 1.4Ω
  • Capacity: 1.5ml
  • Battery: 750mAh

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Innokin Gala Vape Pod System Kit Review

Today we will get acquainted with the bright and youth device Pod-format called Gala from the Chinese company Innokin .

Innokin, a well-known manufacturer of vaping devices,  recently actively took up the production of currently relevant Pod-systems. So, recently, this brand has released at least two such devices with very remarkable and, in some way, unique features. Without thinking twice, the guys from Innokin just recently announced the release of another “poda”, aimed primarily at people who like bright and unusual solutions that differ from the gray mass of similar devices. It is time for us to consider a new product called Gala Pod .

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Gala Pod  in its overall structure and form of the case is a classic, if I may say so, “hearth” with a set of components typical for such devices. However, it still has some chips that distinguish the brainchild of Innokin  from competitors. And the first such feature can be called the abundance of various colors, among which there are both low-key options and more colorful ones.

On one side of the device is an oblong LED indicator that can emit light of seven colors. To activate the glow, you need to knock a little three times, no matter how it sounds, on the palm of your hand, and then shake it, thereby selecting the desired color of the LEDs. To deactivate this function, by the way, it will be enough to knock the device again, but already five times.

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The above-mentioned LED has another, more useful function – displaying the battery charge level, the capacity of which, by the way, is 500 mAh. So, depending on the remaining battery charge, the LEDs will turn green, red or yellow. From the technical features of the novelty, it is worth mentioning also the automatic triggering when tightening, although you can hardly surprise anyone like this now.

Packaged cartridges are designed for 2 ml of liquid, which today is a kind of standard for such devices. Dressed Gala Pod  traditional way – through a hole at the bottom, covered with a silicone plug.

Two different cartridges will be supplied with the device. The first was named Plex3D Mesh Coil and resistance 0.5Ω. The second, Ceramic Pod , is the freshest development of Innokin , and by its name one can guess that it uses ceramics. The resistance of the last cartridge is 0.8Ω and it is designed for all known types of liquids.

Technical characteristics of  Innokin Gala Pod :

  • Dimensions: 108mm * 25mm
  • Battery: 500mAh
  • LED charge indicator
  • Spaciousness: 2ml
  • Cartridges: Plex3D Mesh Coil 0.5Ω, Ceramic Pod 0.8Ω

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