A Mortise Door Lock Spells Security

Form the number of years the mortise door lock has survived you can understand that they are one of the best locks that you can buy today. They have secured homes and offices for many years and still continue to do so despite the arrival of modern locks working on electronics. The sturdy build of the mortise lock is enough to make the door secure. These locks are built to last for a long time.

What Is A Mortise Door Lock

Carved Mortise Locks

Carved Mortise Locks

A mortise lock is one of those that you commonly see on many doors. These are especially fitted to the front doors of the houses for the security that they provide. The name mortise comes from the fact that they need a pocket, or a mortise, to be fitted into the door. The mortise lock is usually constructed into the door rather than pre-built. There are certain varieties which come readymade and can be inserted into the pocket made on the door.

How Does A Mortise Lock Work?

The lock body which is fitted into the door has a deadbolt and a latch bolt. The deadbolt will lock when the key is turned. The latch bolt works when the handle is moved. A mortise door lock can be operated from both sides of the door. You can lock the door from inside and outside. While in some locks you must use the handle to retract both deadbolt and latch bolt, there are others, where turning the key fully will retract the deadbolt completely.

Advantages Of Using A Mortise Lock

Best Door Locks

Mortise Lock Cylinder

The main advantage of the mortise door lock is its strength and the security that comes with it. As the lock is fixed to the door frame it uses the strength of the door. It is almost impossible to break open a mortise lock even using a crowbar.

It is not possible to pick the mortise lock because it comes with two cylinders. This means that you even if you lock the door from one side, you must use the keys if you want to open from the other side. That improves the security that the lock offers.

You can buy a mortise door lock in different sizes. This is a big advantage when it comes to doors of different sizes. Sometimes you have a larger front door on which a cylindrical lock may look very small. A bigger mortise lock is better suited.

There are various options for using different kinds of faceplates to enhance the look of your doors. Mortise locks give your door a traditional look. The different models of the mortise locks also give you the flexibility to use on different doors.

A mortise lock can be repaired and used for many years. The simple fact that it can be repaired and used is itself an advantage because that tells you how durable these are. A good mortise door lock can last for many years if used properly.

You can also buy a mortise door lock with only a passage function. These locks don’t have a lock and you can easily open and close them with the handles. These are good in the kids’ rooms because this will prevent the door from being locked accidentally.

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