OBS Cube X 80W VW Kit Review

Stealth device – OBS Cube X is a continuation of OBS Cube, which was released a little less than a year ago. The Cube X chip is a removable 18650 battery, a tank that works with evaporators on the network, as well as ease of use.



Battery pack and Cube X Tank, evaporator 0.2ohm M1 Mesh Coil, evaporator 0.15ohm M3 Mesh Coil, cable for charging and updating the firmware, instructions, spare glass.


Technical specifications

Maximum output power: 80 W, 
Supported batteries: 1 * 18650, 
Output voltage: 3.2 – 4.2 Volts, 
Supported resistance: 0.1 – 3.0 Ohms, 
Maximum charge current: 5V / 1.5 A.

Cube X Mesh Tank Overview

The atomizer is made of 304 stainless steel. Available only in black. From above there is a driptip of epoxy resin. The top cover when moving in the side opens access to the filling hole. The diameter is average, which is suitable for most modern bottles.

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There are several versions of the tank with different volumes: 2ml TPD Edition, 4ml TPD Edition, 2ml Standard Edition, 4ml Standard Edition.


As evaporators, the company uses its own line. It comes with two evaporators: 0.2ohm M1 Mesh Coil for 50-80 watts and 0.15ohm M3 Mesh Coil for 50-70 watts. Also, the manufacturer claims support for replaceable evaporators that are suitable for SMOK V8 Baby

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In addition, the evaporators are compatible with the heads of Draco Coil, which is good news. At the bottom of the base, which has a blower adjustment ring.


Height: 46 mm 
Diameter: 24 mm (27 mm with 4 ml glass) 
Volume: 2 ml / 4 ml.

Boxing mod review

The device is made of zinc alloy with epoxy resin inserts. The mod is available in five colors: Ink, Rainbow Candy, Lost Temple, Firefly, Bloody Mary.


On top is a 510 steel connector. The diameter will allow the use of atomizers up to 24 mm, 25 already have a small levitation. On the front side is a 0.96 inch screen. Side control buttons and Fire round buttons are located. Just below is a USB connector for charging and firmware upgrades. Below is the battery compartment lid. It opens when the special latch moves. The mod works on one 18650 battery. The battery is inserted plus down.


Height: 88.5 mm 
Thickness: 30.5 mm 
Width: 30.5 mm

Operating modes

Users are only available in the mode varivatt. Power change occurs at 0.1 watts. At 0.96 inch LED display is information about power, battery charge, resistance of the atomizer.


Also shows information about the time and number of puffs. Raises the board from 0.1 ohm over resistance. In general, it turned out quite simple in terms of functionality and control.

Impressions of box-mod and atomizer

Cube X Tank looks like most similar clearomizers on the market. Since replaceable vaporizers work on the network, the work is also comparable with similar devices. But the possibility of using coils from SMOK V8 Baby will help to improve the situation, especially a suitable RBA base.


Boksmod received a stylish design. Due to the rounded edges, he confidently lies in the hand. There are no complaints about the board: there are no additional modes or settings, and even when used at a power of up to 50-60 watts, everything works smoothly. To work, it will require one 18650 battery, which, coupled with built-in charging, will allow you to use the mod for a couple of years, changing the battery over time. In general, the whale attracts with its design. If you do not need curve adjustment modes or thermal control, you can look at this set.

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OBS Cube 80W Kit

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Innokin Gala Vape Pod System Kit Review

Today we will get acquainted with the bright and youth device Pod-format called Gala from the Chinese company Innokin .

Innokin, a well-known manufacturer of vaping devices,  recently actively took up the production of currently relevant Pod-systems. So, recently, this brand has released at least two such devices with very remarkable and, in some way, unique features. Without thinking twice, the guys from Innokin just recently announced the release of another “poda”, aimed primarily at people who like bright and unusual solutions that differ from the gray mass of similar devices. It is time for us to consider a new product called Gala Pod .

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Gala Pod  in its overall structure and form of the case is a classic, if I may say so, “hearth” with a set of components typical for such devices. However, it still has some chips that distinguish the brainchild of Innokin  from competitors. And the first such feature can be called the abundance of various colors, among which there are both low-key options and more colorful ones.

On one side of the device is an oblong LED indicator that can emit light of seven colors. To activate the glow, you need to knock a little three times, no matter how it sounds, on the palm of your hand, and then shake it, thereby selecting the desired color of the LEDs. To deactivate this function, by the way, it will be enough to knock the device again, but already five times.

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The above-mentioned LED has another, more useful function – displaying the battery charge level, the capacity of which, by the way, is 500 mAh. So, depending on the remaining battery charge, the LEDs will turn green, red or yellow. From the technical features of the novelty, it is worth mentioning also the automatic triggering when tightening, although you can hardly surprise anyone like this now.

Packaged cartridges are designed for 2 ml of liquid, which today is a kind of standard for such devices. Dressed Gala Pod  traditional way – through a hole at the bottom, covered with a silicone plug.

Two different cartridges will be supplied with the device. The first was named Plex3D Mesh Coil and resistance 0.5Ω. The second, Ceramic Pod , is the freshest development of Innokin , and by its name one can guess that it uses ceramics. The resistance of the last cartridge is 0.8Ω and it is designed for all known types of liquids.

Technical characteristics of  Innokin Gala Pod :

  • Dimensions: 108mm * 25mm
  • Battery: 500mAh
  • LED charge indicator
  • Spaciousness: 2ml
  • Cartridges: Plex3D Mesh Coil 0.5Ω, Ceramic Pod 0.8Ω

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Innokin Gala Vape Pod System Kit

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Oumier Wasp Nano RTA Review

All companies engaged in the release of vape-devices can be divided into several categories – “mastodonts”, which constantly offer vapers hits, newcomers who are trying to find their niche in the market, and “stable middle class”, from time to time producing good devices. It is the third category that Oumier belongs to, which the atomizers liked by the vapers, in particular, the drip and drip poker of the Wasp series. The developers of the company decided to take advantage of the success of previous devices and released a new atomizer – Oumier Wasp Nano RTA, which in some moments resembles both RDA and RDTA, but at the same time has a number of features. We can confidently say that lovers of “taste” pots will definitely appreciate this development, as the Oumier specialists did everything

General information

Oumier Wasp Nano RTA is a compact bacomizer designed to use one helix, with a relatively small volume for liquid, growth in maintenance and use, designed for taste transfer. The small size is quite justified – this is the company’s marketing policy regarding the Wasp series, but this does not prevent us from getting excellent taste transfer indicators. The use of a single-spiral base and a small evaporation chamber will not only maximize the taste of the liquid, but also significantly reduce the flow rate of the liquid. Buy Oumier Wasp Nano RTA can be in four colors – steel, black, rainbow and gold.

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Considering the fact that the Oumier Wasp Nano RTA is a serviced tank, its equipment is quite decent, allowing the vaper to use an atomizer right after the purchase without any problems. In a small cardboard box you can find:

  • Atomizer Wasp Nano RTA;
  • Prewound spiral;
  • Organic cotton;
  • T-shaped screwdriver;
  • Spare Oringas;
  • Spare screws;
  • Spare glass;
  • User Guide.

Design and appearance

Regardless of the color chosen, the Wasp Nano RTA looks very neat and in some degree miniature. If you look at the height of the atomizer, then it is only 35 mm, and this is the height of the standard dripka, so after installing it on the box mod you should be prepared for the fact that it will not look logical on all devices. The manufacturer decided to use a rather non-standard landing diameter of the atomizer – 23 mm, but it is due to the design features of the tank.

The most recognizable element of this tank can surely be considered a drip-type, or to be more precise, the top cover. Similar covers were installed on both the drip and drip box, so it is not surprising that this model uses the same option.

It is worth saying that in Oumier Wasp Nano RTA bubble-glass is not used, so you should be prepared for the fact that no more than 2 ml can be poured into the tank. The solution is quite unexpected, but perhaps it is dictated by the fact that the manufacturer wanted to stand out a bit among competitors.

Base, airflow and usage features

If the vaper has been able to use Oumier’s atomizers, the Wasp Nano RTA will not surprise him. It is realized in the form of two massive racks, with rather large openings, which allow placing “fat” builds in them. But it must be remembered that the spiral must be wound counterclockwise, otherwise it will be impossible to install it. Fastening the spiral is made from above, with the help of two screws under the slot. For laying wool there are large holes in the base, in which it will not be difficult to lay.

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Racks serve not only as a basis for fastening spirals, but also as a channel for air supply. Lower air intake, adjustable with a traditional slewing ring. The spiral is blown not just from the bottom, but from two sides – the air gets simultaneously on the lower part of the coil and on the side, which will provide an excellent taste transfer. It is worth noting the presence of a small evaporation chamber, which makes a significant contribution to obtaining good taste.

In order to fill Wasp Nano RTA, it is necessary to unscrew the top cover, then pour the liquid into two medium-sized holes.

Conclusions and impressions

Oumier Wasp Nano RTA is a worthy successor to the atomizers of this manufacturer that are beloved by Russian vapers. Looking at this tank and using it, the phrase involuntarily comes to mind – the beauty is in simplicity, since with a fairly simple design the atomizer turned out to be a very worthy and interesting one, which, moreover, will please the vaper with an excellent taste transfer.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • No bubble-glass and, accordingly, a small volume of the tank;
  • Drip-type can not be changed and use another;
  • The spiral must be wound only in a certain direction;
  • Non-standard diameter, due to which on some box-mods the tank will not look very good.


  • Rich equipment;
  • Original strict design;
  • The ability to use “fat” helix;
  • Ease of maintenance and operation;
  • Great taste due to the small evaporation chamber.

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Smoant Naboo 225W TC Kit Review

Smoant has released the Naboo Kit. It included a 225 watt box mod, equipped with a color interface with a music mode, and a 4-ml maintenance-free tank.

The body of the box mod is made of zinc alloy, in a rectangular shape with cut corners. The choice provided four color variations. Most of the front side was taken under the color display. Below are two touch buttons. At the end set the fire button and lock key. The opposite side was equipped with a USB-port. The battery compartment is located behind the removable magnetic cover.

The device accelerates to 225 watts and responds to pressing the fire button in 0.015 s. In addition to the temperature and temperature control, the board allows you to customize the visual design of the menu, and also supports a music interface, the developers of which did not specify the essence. Power is provided by two 18650 batteries, they should be charged via the USB port with a current of up to 1.5A.

The tank is equipped with a pair of “grid” evaporators on Japanese cotton, with a resistance of 0.17 and 0.18 ohms. On the twisting topkep, there is a black 810th drip tip with a “cellular” pattern. Under the lid is a platform with filling holes. Bottom is an adjustment ring with diagonal notches. The volume can be increased from 2 to 4 ml.

The package includes two evaporators, an additional bulb, a USB cable, a repair kit and instructions.

Main characteristics:

  • Fashion size – 91 by 48 by 31 mm
  • Meals – 2×18650
  • Charging current up to 1.5A
  • Maximum power – 225 watts
  • Tank size – 52 to 25 mm
  • Volume – 2/4 ml

Smoant Naboo Costs $67.99

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