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You may probably have plans to change the existing look and functions of the bathroom, but without the huge expense and hassle involved in a complete remodel. A simple, inexpensive and easy way to provide the bathroom with that fresh new look will be to replace fixtures and accessories which are damaged or worn out after heavy use and time. Besides the towel rail, shower head and faucets, one specific item which when installed properly and correctly can transform the very appearance of the bathroom is the new Elongated Toilet Seat.

Make practical choice

You need to understand that trying to choose the best toilet seat does not necessarily mean that having to spend a fortune or getting one of those that comes with multi-functions, something much more that your specific requirements. With some research and going through the reviews put up by other users, you can get to know the details about different types of toilet seats, including the Elongated Toilet Seat. This will help you to take a well calculated decision. Rather, the best toilet can be termed to be one that matches the current decor, color schemes and model of the toilet. Visiting the different online portals can provide innumerous design ideas as well as useful tips to come up with the perfect pleasing and practical choice.

Oval, round or Elongated Toilet Seat

There are readily available toilet seats in different shapes, designs and patterns. Taking a quick check of the toilet bowl will help you to know if it is elongated or round. To check and get a measuring tape or steel rule. Measure distance from the bowl’s front to seat hinges. Your choice of round, oval or Elongated Toilet Seat will entirely depend upon your specific preference and moods.

Plastic or wood

This is another important aspect that needs to be taken into consideration. People generally prefer luxurious, warm look of installing wooden toilet seat. Several different finishes or woods are present that can complement variety of decorating styles. However, plastic is regarded to be a wonderful looking, practical alternative.

Some aspects to consider to choose the very best toilet seats for the bathroom:

  • Cost: Toilet seats of the above mentioned varieties can be found with optional features which may cost a bit more. However, the expensive ones are wooden seats.
  • Comfort: When compared to plastic ones, wooden seats offer warmth. Some people prefer the wooden texture against their skin.
  • Easy to clean: According to some, plastic seats may get scratched over time. However, the modern plastic and wooden seats are provided with resistant finishes. It will be useful to check out optional features like quick seat removal mechanism, to help allow clean the hinge area easily.
  • Durability: The modern toilet seat is designed to withstand weight and regular use. However, both are prone to cracking over time. Wooden seats may be created using molded wood to offer greater strength. Premium plastic styles can be found for extra toughness.

Therefore, getting to know the above aspects will help to choose the perfect one for the modern bathroom.

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What You Should Know About Bathroom toilet paper holder

Sometimes buying a bathroom toilet paper holder isn’t the easiest thing to do. Many are the time we don’t go for the right toilet paper holders only to find ourselves in a more compromising situation. Your bathroom is an important part of your modern home thus it needs the best including best toilet paper dispenser in order to suit your needs. Judging the right type & size of your bathroom toilet paper dispenser for your bathroom is based on such things as how often will you be using the bathroom and how many people will be using it. Such other things to put into consideration include what amount of space is available for the toilet paper holder in your bathroom. Bathroom toilet paper dispenser area available in different sizes, which include jumbo size rolls / fit standard as well as bigger sizes. There are a variety of choices & accessories meant to cover almost every need.

Jumbo & Standard roll bathroom toilet paper dispenser
Each toilet paper is featured by “roll size”. The said size is equivalent to the roll`s diameter without excluding core and paper. Such aspects determine the category of the toilet paper roll “jumbo” or just “standard”. Most bathroom toilet paper holders cannot be adjusted thus there is nothing you can do after purchasing a particular dispenser. In others words, purchasing a fit roll size for your unit to avoid frustrations or inconveniences.


Capacity of the shower room toilet paper holder
How much can your select bathroom toilet paper holder contain? The roll count that can be held by the dispenser dictates the amount and kind of maintenance needed. Note that commercial bathroom toilet paper dispensers are readily available in various rolls, which include single, double, as well as quad roll capacities. If a dispenser has the ability to hold more rolls, the less amount of maintenance needed. On the other hand, more rolls on a dispenser calls for extra space.

Bathroom toilet paper holder

Material type of bathroom toilet paper dispenser
You have to go for material that best suits you and match perfectly well with your bathroom style and class. They are metal as well as plastic materials. The two materials are known to be durable only that each of them has its own benefits in a commercial setting.

Vandal Resistant/ Locking bathroom toilet paper dispensers
You would love to go for a toilet paper dispenser that assures you of safety and security. In that case, vandal-resistant/locking dispensers are worth your attention given that they reduce chances of misuse or theft of your toilet paper. They have in-built features to prevent vandalism as well as theft. They basically need a lock-key action in order to open & close the holder during maintenance process. They also come with tension springs or concealed brake to offer controlled toilet paper delivery, preventing freely spinning of the roll. This will save you a big deal especially if the bathroom on which you want to buy a bathroom toilet paper holder for is a public one. Even if it is your home bathroom, such dispenser is the best in that there won’t be any misuse by the family members

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