Great Promotion!Joyetech eGo ONE V2 XL Kit with 2200mah Battery

If you are a smoker wanting to quit the habit, then the Joyetech eGo One V2 XL Kit on Urvapin will definitely help make this transition a lot smoother.

Joyetech eGo One V2 XL Kit
Joyetech eGo One V2 XL Kit

Designed to mimic cigarettes in both form and function, the eGo One V2 has a few additional features that offer new vapers a chance to experience a little of what the vaping world has to offer. This sleek and simple unit is easy enough for beginners to operate and small enough to be handily tucked inside a handbag or pocket, while on the move. are running a crazy, 72 hour deal on these devices and online shoppers will get more than 75% off the normal retail price if they purchase the Joyetech eGo One V2 XL now. If you have ever thought about quitting smoking, then this offer is one you don’t want to miss!

Joyetech are the innovators behind a range of devices that are very similar to cigarettes in shape and size but are much more powerful than traditional e-cigarette devices that are typically on offer. The eGo One was one of the first mods of its kind to come with two different atomizer heads allowing for a mouth inhale, a direct lung inhale or a combination of both.  The revised model, the eGo One V2 brings these same great features to the table but has added two optional output modes to this design: a direct output or a constant voltage output. It comes with Pure Cotton CL heads for a flavorful vape and the adjustable, bottom air flow actually produces adequate amounts of vapor for beginners. This “petite” unit measures only 142 mm in length and 19mm in diameter making it very comfortable and lightweight overall. It is easily rechraregd with a micro USB cable and even has a by-pass system so that you can still vape while it is plugged in.

Using the Joyetech eGo ONE V2 XL AIO starter kit is simple and enjoyable. Its length of 142 mm and diameter of 19 mm for a weight of 110 g make a compact and lightweight device for beginners. A micro-USB charging that is also bypassed, allowing the user to vape when charging the heavy duty battery. A capacity of 2,200 mAh that provides an all-day autonomy of intensive vaping.

And now you can buy it with a  favorable price,which is just $11.99 on Urvapin.