Vaporesso Drizzle AIO starter kit review

The Drizzle AIO starter kit is another winner from Vaporesso! If you’ve been keeping up with them, you might have noticed their kit is continually getting better.

Vaporesso Drizzle AIO starter kit
Vaporesso Drizzle AIO starter kit

The Vaporesso Drizzle AIO starter kit is another example of that. It is a tube mod with a 1000 mAh built-in battery and a small 1.8 mL tank. It accommodates ceramic (CCELL) or traditional (kanthal) EUC mini coils (specifically made for this tank). It is patterned after all the other Vaporesso tanks coming out right now with that EUC coil-swap design, except that this is 100% for the MTL crowd.

This kit looks nice, but there isn’t really much to it. It’s a small tube mod with a side button and a tank that comes in all stainless steel or black with SS accents. It’s a classic form in that it looks like a miniature mech mod. The whole thing weighs about 64 grams with a full tank, and it’s ~18 mm in diameter (~0.7 inches) and about 91 mm in height (~3.6 inches) without the removable drip tip.

The top-fill tank holds 1.8 mL (TPD compliant) and it takes the Vaporesso EUC coils. They are easy to use and to swap out, with no mess whatsoever. Just turn the tank upside down, unscrew the base of the tank (while holding the glass portion), pluck out the small coil head and drop in a new one. It is a simple, yet clever design and it works as advertised.

If you like a small form factor, legit flavor, and a world-class MTL draw, you need to know the Drizzle has all that.

It would be easiest for me to compare it to the Nautilus Mini, and I think it’s better than that (so far). My first draw off of this had me doing the happy dance! The hit is just perfect.

The low price and ease of use is great, but the performance seals the deal. I strongly recommend this based on the performance I’ve gotten so far. And although I have only had it a couple weeks, I have not stopped using it as my go-to device (nudging the Infinite Inone out of my top spot). I can’t speak on the longevity of the Drizzle coils, but Vaporesso coils have a pretty strong track record in that department. Time will tell.

There is a new MTL kit on the block, and it’s called the Drizzle. It’s not flashy or equipped with a bunch of extraneous features, it’s just one helluva solid vape… if you are into mouth-to-lung vaping. If you are into a direct-lung hit, but like this form factor, check out the Vaporesso Veco One.

How do you find SMOK GX350 starter kit?

It is interesting that Smoktech makes an automotive reference on their website to the GX350 starter kit because if this were an automobile, it would be a new Ford GT, with its sexy design and raw (horse) power.

Smok GX350 350W TC starter Kit
Smok GX350 350W TC starter Kit

The GX350 boasts up to 350W of power using four 18650 batteries or optionally up to 220W with just two 18650 batteries installed. All of this class-leading vaping power is housed in a sleek “tridimensional polygon design” reminiscent of the Reuleaux RX200 series of mods, and with its rounded edges looks like it will be a pleasure to hold in your hand. The difference here is the fourth battery and the extra wattage.

If you are a Smoktech fan, you may have already noticed they have incorporated some design features from their H-Priv mod into the GX350, such as the “triangular firing key” (you basically squeeze the mod to fire) and the top-mounted adjustment buttons and OLED. The OLED provides all the expected information including wattage setting, resistance, voltage, battery life and more. No word yet on whether it will be customizable.

As mentioned earlier, the shape of the GX350 strongly resembles the Wismec Reuleaux RX200 but in a smaller package, yet peeking under the hood we find a quad-battery-powered engine that provides a blistering 350W compared to the more pedestrian 200W output of the RX200. To be fair, Wismec has recently announced their own version of a quad-battery mod (RX300) that will output 300W but pictures reveal a more boxy, and seemingly less ergonomic form factor. It remains to be seen which is embraced by the consumer and, of course, ultimately you will decide.

Regardless, it appears that the start flag has dropped on the race to vaping horsepower supremacy. Buckle up – ’cause it looks like it’s going to be a wild ride.

How do you find H-Priv mod or H-Priv starter kit?

SMOK is currently selling the H-Priv mod both as a standalone unit, as well as a H-Prive starter kit, in which it comes bundled with the TFV4 Micro, a scaled-down version of the original SMOK TFV4 sub-ohm tank.

SMOK H-PRIV 220W TC Kit with Micro TFV4 Tank
SMOK H-PRIV 220W TC Kit with Micro TFV4 Tank

Let’s start with the things the H-Priv has in common with the X Cube 2. First of all, there is the signature SMOK firing bar that replaces the classic power button found on most box mods. The red triangle that covers one of the side of the device is actually the firing mechanism, and all you have to do is squeeze the unit gently in your hand to activate the batteries. It doesn’t matter if the triangle faces your palm or your fingers, it works just as well regardless of how you’re holding it. The big difference from the X Cube 2 is that they’ve gotten rid of the gimmicky LED light show that would come on whenever you pressed the firing bar. It was pretty cool if you ask me, but it didn’t affect the performance of the device in any way and used up some power unnecessarily, so some may see its absence on the H-Priv as an improvement.

Temp Control works with all the usual suspects: Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel wire, in either single or dual coil builds, and TCR values for each wire type are user-adjustable. Both Wattage and Temp modes offer different “outputs” — Max, Min, Hard, Norm, and Soft. In addition to Wattage Mode and Temp Mode, the H-Priv also offers “Power Mode.” The chip will remember 16 different power settings (M1 through M16). I can see how this might be useful for someone who changes tanks and builds often, but it seems almost OCD geeky to me. How does one remember 16 different settings? I still haven’t figured out how to set any power other than M1, but that’s OK, since I tend to use the mod in Wattage Mode.

In addition, the display screen and up/down adjustment buttons are located on the mod’s top plate between the 510 connector on one end and the red firing bar that runs down the other side. Relatively few mods are designed with a top-mounted display, and especially not one of such generous size as the H-Priv. Beyond that, the H-Priv offers menu options for changing how long the screen is illuminated before shutting off (to save battery power) and for lowering the contrast of the OLED screen for a stealthier vape experience. Screen brightness is adequate for indoor vaping, but in bright sunlight? Probably not.

Obviously, SMOK is a top E-cig brand.

Is it safe to smoke an electronic cigarette?

As we all know, the traditional cigarettes have pitches, heavy metals, carcinogens and about 4,000 harmful substances which are present in tobacco smoke.

Propylene glycol and glycerin are composed, dressings are not harmful.

Propylene glycol is widely used in medicine and in the food industry (flavors, for example). This material is characterized by a disinfecting action, often used as a preservative, a solvent, to obtain the effect of smoke in theatrical productions, etc.

Glycerin can often be found in the composition of cosmetic products (glycerine soap etc.), And is also widely used in food industry, medicine.

As shown by various experiments and studies. The combination of propylene glycol and glycerol does not cause harm to human health.

Comparatively speaking, electronic cigarette is more healthy. Healthy life from E-Cig.