Eleaf iStick Pico + Melo III Mini atomizer reviews

Many reviews about Eleaf iStick Pico TC box mod, and this review I decided to describe not only technical specifications, but more their experiences and practice of the use of this kit.

First of all, why I took this mod to charts, rather than something else? I was attracted to the relatively high power (up to 75W) when operating from a single battery 18650 (well as far from one battery 18650 can be removed 75W – is an entirely different question, but higher power is always good – there is margin for reliability), compact size, and of all fashion features, such as support for different coils, constant power mode or bypass. I have to say – the fashion, I would put up 9.5 points out of 10, but a little atomizer disappoint.

So start with a box – an ordinary white cardboard, ordinary box: Eleaf iStick Pico TC 75W Box Mod

The package includes a very mod atomizer Melo III Mini, a spare set of silicone gaskets to the atomizer, additional spiral, USB cable, and waste paper, as usual, with no surprises and features.

Fashion and compact, tightly assembled and carefully, do not hang out and rings:

I deliberately took an overview of the device is white, and white is very good here and dyeing method is unknown to me, but he looks like a tactile enamel ware, fingerprints do not remain entirely in the hand does not slip. And it is precisely white, without adding UV pigments. Specially shone on him through the UV filter – no, not shines.

(Pictured on the track shines UV lamp, as you can see, in the dye background added UV pigment in the paper on the left is also added UV pigment, as they glow blue, and the paint body atomizer no such added The bar on the right -. This calibration filter of uranium glass for the calibration of spectrophotometers and drive – just a piece of Plexiglas with an organic pigment, is also sensitive to UV).

With white color all right, but it spoil caps made of stainless steel – a form of rough, Designed by clumsy, it turns out kind of like a medical instrument, for me personally is not pleasant, and causes visual dissonance. But this is a purely subjective impressions.

Maud really compact, so compared with Joyetech eVic-VTC Mini in the background 18650 battery, and other popular items

eleaf and oyetech vape and  18650 compare
eleaf and oyetech vape and 18650 compare

Of the advantages can be noted high-brightness OLED display, nothing like I have not yet met in the modes, it is easily replaced flashlight. Therefore, problems with the readability of the display in the sun there is little, in contrast to the same Joyetech eVic-VTC Mini, that the sun does not read.

As mentioned earlier, the installed capacity, the behavior does not change

in any way – “shot” is always there, just 75W when he almost instantly, at 30 watts, it is necessary to couple of seconds shot, 5 vatah – “shoots” in 7 seconds. This is a serious drawback that nullifies all the advantages of electronic hover (imagine you sit yourself in the office and on the table colleagues occasionally hear the sounds of the whip, I do it quickly tired, and I would loudly expressed his opinion of where to owner paste this atomizer and how to use it later). I put the sake of interest, and a second coil, and picked modes – all to no avail, as soon as the atomizer lie down for 10-15 seconds, and apparently well-soaked slush, there will always be at the first turn here is such a “broads.” I found a solution – when first turned on after a pause, turn on the second-pull, turn off, even for a second turn and pull, and then as usual, but you will agree, a pretty uncomfortable.

Total: In fashion solid pros, where the most important thing – the price. The quality of performance is very high, there are almost all the desired features, compact size, bypass, and charge the battery directly into vogue. Unequivocal wines. But atomizer left mixed impressions – great taste, assembly and impermeability – all very well, but this “shooting” function, it is unlikely to enjoy.

And you can get it from URVAPIN.com :http://www.urvapin.com/eleaf-istick-pic-o-tc-75w-box-mod.html